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Re: Sound

Jason Bauer <jbauer@mtu.edu> writes:

> #1 Wrong Sound Card
> I have (according to the manual) an "ISP=16v3 audio board". I don't see
> that anywhere in the kernel config or the hardware how-to doc.

This sounds like the sound card I have, which is a Mediamagic ISP16
something.  I have it configured as a MAD16, with OPL2/OPL3, /dev/dsp,
MIDI interfac and FM synth.  I haven't got MPU401 going; I'm not sure
if I have one.  I also have ISP16 configured under CD-ROM drivers, for
my CDU-33A.

> #2 Simply not compiling and/or installing module correctly.
> As i said before, i have sound set as a module. Here are the steps i go
> through when i am trying the different options:


> reboot
Were you a Microsoft programmer in a former life?  You don't need to
reboot to test different modules.

After installing a different version of the sound module, you should
be able to type "modprobe sound" to load the sound module.  Then try
"cat /dev/sndstat" to see if it got installed properly, and do
"modprobe -r sound" to get rid of it.  If modprobe doesn't seem to
work, then do "depmod -a" first.

If you make big changes, you might then need to recompile the whole
kernel, install it, and reboot.

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