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Re: new debian user questions

>>"Daniel" == Daniel Martin <martind@chow.mat.jhu.edu> writes:

Daniel> So... Does diety attempt to integrate the configuration tools
Daniel> that do come with some of the Debian packages?  And what about
Daniel> the question earlier of having the configuration menus that
Daniel> appear during initial setup available without booting from the
Daniel> install CD/floppy?

	Well, if there were a standard interface, Deity might try;
 but, as it stands, most packages arrange to invoke the configuration
 utility/script out of the postconfig script anyway; so the config
 script is run by dpkg with no assistace from Deity.

	Remember, even when Deity is deployed, dpkg shall remain the
 underlying mechanism; and it will alsways be legal to bypass Deity
 and use raw dpkg to install packages. We can't, then, do things in a
 fashion that the configs only work when the installation is run by

	Any enhancements to configuring packages, thus, has to be
 implemented by dpkg. Does this make sense?

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