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Re: libc5 Sendmail 8.8.7?

On Tue, Oct 07, 1997 at 12:44:28AM -0400, Eloy A. Paris wrote:
: 8.8.5 is broken if you use maps. I applied the following patch that I found
: in www.sendmail.org and now my Sendmail 8.8.5 works fine. I'll start
: fighting Spam right now!!! (Yahoooo!!!! :-)

Welcome to the battle!

I see what the problem is now, and why I haven't seen the bug you 
are speaking of...

1) I don't use Scheck_relay (I use Scheck_rcpt and Scheck_compat to
do refusals on a per domain basis, and do the anti-relay stuff)

2) I don't use maps in Scheck_*, although I was considering modifying
my rules to do that, since with maps you don't need to reload sendmail.

Of course, someone's now going to jump in and say "Use Q-Mail".  I like
using procmail to sort my mail, thanks very much.  I've also shut down
the areas of sendmail most commonly exploited.  For example, using
smrsh as the Mprog, instead of just sh (aka bash).  Yeesh.  Anyone who
lets someone send mail to an arbitrary program is BEGGING for trouble,
and smrsh lets me avoid that...

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