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Re: mailing list

In a message dated 97-09-30 12:40:16 EDT, you write:

> > Is there any way to browse this mailing list without subscribing to 
>  > it ? Does anyone know ?
>  See if your usenet server mirrors linux.debian.user , mine does.
>  > Regards,
>  > marc
>  > Marc.Fleureck@cmlag.fgov.be

My ISP (www.southeast.net) has several debian newsgroups but all of them
remain empty. (Obviously AOL is not my ISP (I'm at work. (Ducking and
Covering to avoid all thrown stones))).

I use slrn to read news via nntp. And prettty much all of the other
newsgroups work. Would I be correct in assuming that those are not 'official'
usenet newsgroups?

BTW: For all of those interested in putting a Volkswagen engine in a Ferrari
email me and I'll send you instructions on runngin AOL on linux.

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