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Re: libc5 Sendmail 8.8.7?

At 06:16 PM 10/6/97 -0400, Jason Costomiris wrote:

>On Mon, Oct 06, 1997 at 01:45:52AM +0000, Eloy A. Paris wrote:
>: I do need some of the anti-spam features present in Sendmail 8.8.7
>: (8.8.5, the latest libc5 version, should have these anti-spam
>: features but they seem to be broken).
>8.8.5 works just fine && dandy...  I build my .cf's from the sendmail 
>sources, however.  Here's my .mc file...

8.8.5 is broken if you use maps. I applied the following patch that I found
in www.sendmail.org and now my Sendmail 8.8.5 works fine. I'll start
fighting Spam right now!!! (Yahoooo!!!! :-)

(this patch should be in 8.8.6 or greater)

See ya.



patch for maps in check_relay 

Last Update 1997-04-14 

From: Gregory Neil Shapiro <gshapiro@WPI.EDU>
Newsgroups: comp.mail.sendmail
Subject: Re: Spamproofing a domain - the patches and hooks out there
Date: 24 Feb 1997 08:50:27 -0500
Organization: Worcester Polytechnic Institute, Worcester, MA 01609-2280
Sender: gshapiro@scooter.WPI.EDU
Message-ID: <x4n2su1ffg.fsf@scooter.WPI.EDU>
References: <5eqglp$obu$1@Jupiter.Mcs.Net> <x47mjybzw7.fsf@scooter.WPI.EDU>

As promised, here is a patch so check_relay will be able use maps as well.
This change should be in 8.8.6.  You should change from using classes to using
maps to avoid the need to restart.

*** src/daemon.c~       Thu Feb 20 21:55:43 1997
--- src/daemon.c        Sat Feb 22 19:18:52 1997
*** 398,403 ****
--- 398,407 ----
                        OutChannel = outchannel;
                        DisConnected = FALSE;
+                         /* Open maps for check_relay ruleset in
+                            validate_connection */
+                         initmaps(FALSE, e);
      /* validate the connection */
      HoldErrs = TRUE;
      nullconn = !validate_connection(&RealHostAddr, RealHostName, e);


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