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Re: is the Creative Labs AWE64 GOLD Soundcard supported?

Marcus Brinkmann wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 04, 1997 at 11:28:24AM -0800, Britton wrote:
> >
> > On Sat, 4 Oct 1997, Paul Miller wrote:
> >
> > > How well/is the AWE64 GOLD Sound card supported under Linux?  ..or will it
> > > act/function like the SB16?
> >
> > It will act like a SB16 yes, but this is nothing wonderful, as the SB16 is
> > quite pathetic.  xmix is the only program I've run into with a line select
> > (which you need since the SB 16 has no input mixer).
> And it should act like a AWE-32, because I have the suspicion, that they
> mostly enchanced the software driver, not the hardware. (I wouldn't be
> surprised, if the hardware is nearly the same. I have a AWE32 with the
> 64upgrade, and they say that I have a functionally AWE64, so it is another
> sort of "Winsoundcard")
> > What you want is awedrv, which is available as a debian source package.
> > Trouble is, it won't compile as a module, which I think means you have to
> > use initrd to run isapnp before it will work.  I've read the initrd stuff,
> You HAVE to install it as a module, because isapnp must be started first,
> and then the sound module has to be installed. In fact, isapnp will be
> started automagically by the current initrd scripts, so you have just to
> install it, and add two entrys two the isapnp config file (mail me for more
> info).
> > but havn't gotten around to trying it yet.  Am I right in my understanding
> > that you just need to copy over a rescue disk, isapnp, and possible bash
> > (to write initrc with) into the initrd environment?  Anyone done this?

How your isapnp.conf file looks like?  can you send it to me?

> You just have to install and congfigure isapnp, that it is (and add the
> sound module to the modules autoloaded at boot time, if you want. You can
> even load a sound font bank at boot time).

do you mean to let kerneld to load the sound module?

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