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Re: is the Creative Labs AWE64 GOLD Soundcard supported?

On Sat, Oct 04, 1997 at 11:28:24AM -0800, Britton wrote:
> On Sat, 4 Oct 1997, Paul Miller wrote:
> > How well/is the AWE64 GOLD Sound card supported under Linux?  ..or will it
> > act/function like the SB16?
> It will act like a SB16 yes, but this is nothing wonderful, as the SB16 is
> quite pathetic.  xmix is the only program I've run into with a line select
> (which you need since the SB 16 has no input mixer).

And it should act like a AWE-32, because I have the suspicion, that they
mostly enchanced the software driver, not the hardware. (I wouldn't be
surprised, if the hardware is nearly the same. I have a AWE32 with the
64upgrade, and they say that I have a functionally AWE64, so it is another
sort of "Winsoundcard")

> What you want is awedrv, which is available as a debian source package.
> Trouble is, it won't compile as a module, which I think means you have to
> use initrd to run isapnp before it will work.  I've read the initrd stuff,

You HAVE to install it as a module, because isapnp must be started first,
and then the sound module has to be installed. In fact, isapnp will be
started automagically by the current initrd scripts, so you have just to
install it, and add two entrys two the isapnp config file (mail me for more

> but havn't gotten around to trying it yet.  Am I right in my understanding
> that you just need to copy over a rescue disk, isapnp, and possible bash
> (to write initrc with) into the initrd environment?  Anyone done this?

You just have to install and congfigure isapnp, that it is (and add the
sound module to the modules autoloaded at boot time, if you want. You can
even load a sound font bank at boot time).
> The awedrv does not support all the SB 64 capabilities, but from what I
> understand the extra channels are provided by software anyway.

Yup. The Awe driver supports a good part of the AWE32 stuff. AWE64 was never
intended for other OS than Windows (Creative Labs says, there would be no
market for Linux, I think the linux community should ignore SB, if they
ignore us).


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