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Re: xcontrib and xproc packages

Martin.Bialasinski@uni-koeln.de writes:

> You could also fetch Paul Seelig's equivs package from 
> http://www.uni-mainz.de/~pseelig/debian.html
> This is a dummy package. You can place elf-x11r6lib into "provides:"
> and rebuild it (instructions how to do this should be inside the
> package by now). Then you install it using --force-conflicts.
> This way you will have a package which provides elf-x11r6lib and
> dselect/dpkg won't complain any more.
Actually "--force-conflicts" should not be needed for properly
installing 'equivs'.  I always use "--install" only without any
trouble.  But if it does need such measures than it is either
misconfigured by the person having built it or it simply contains a
bug still unknown to me.  If the latter is the case i'd be glad about
hints and fixes!
                             Thank you, P. *8^)
   Paul Seelig                         pseelig@goofy.zdv.uni-mainz.de
   African Music Archive - Institute for Ethnology and Africa Studies
   Johannes Gutenberg-University   -  Forum 6  -  55099 Mainz/Germany
   My Homepage in the WWW at the URL http://www.uni-mainz.de/~pseelig 

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