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Re: xcontrib and xproc packages

>> > The xproc package, as well as several other packages, has an obsolete
>> > dependancy on the virtual package elf-x11r6lib.  This virtual package 
>> > to be provided by xlib6, but it was removed almost a year after it had
>> > been announced as obsolete.  Installing the package with the
>> > --force-depends option to dpkg will allow you to install it anyway.
>> If I run force-depends, won't dselect decide that the elf-x11r6lib package
>> no longer exists, therefore uninstalling xproc and xcontrib?  Dselect is
>> too much of a helpful tool to give up.
> dselect will bring up a conflict resolution screen whenever you exit from
> it complaining about the unresolved dependancy.  It should however, leave
> them selected.  You can exit that screen by using 'Q' to tell it to
> override.
I think you have to hit "R" first, because dselect will deselect all
packages depending on the not existing package.

You could also fetch Paul Seelig's equivs package from 
This is a dummy package. You can place elf-x11r6lib into "provides:"
and rebuild it (instructions how to do this should be inside the
package by now). Then you install it using --force-conflicts.
This way you will have a package which provides elf-x11r6lib and
dselect/dpkg won't complain any more.


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