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Re: xcontrib and xproc packages

On  5 Oct, Paul Seelig wrote:
> Martin.Bialasinski@uni-koeln.de writes:
>> You could also fetch Paul Seelig's equivs package from 
>> http://www.uni-mainz.de/~pseelig/debian.html
>> This is a dummy package. You can place elf-x11r6lib into "provides:"
>> and rebuild it (instructions how to do this should be inside the
>> package by now). Then you install it using --force-conflicts.
>> This way you will have a package which provides elf-x11r6lib and
>> dselect/dpkg won't complain any more.
> Actually "--force-conflicts" should not be needed for properly
> installing 'equivs'.  I always use "--install" only without any
> trouble.  But if it does need such measures than it is either
> misconfigured by the person having built it or it simply contains a
> bug still unknown to me.  If the latter is the case i'd be glad about
> hints and fixes!

Of cause it does work with --install. But this is a special case.
The following only applies to the unstable tree:

xlib6 has once provided elf-x11r6lib and X programms had a depend on
this virtual package. But elf-x11r6lib has been dropped and xlib6 now
conflicts with it. But there are still clients which depends on the
package (they have bugreports filed against this).

The reason why one wants equivs provide elf-x11r6lib is that dselect
won't complain any more. To get around this anomaly one has to install
equivs with --force-conflicts.

In other cases you are right of cause.


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