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Re: procmail emulate mail error

>>>>> "BM" == Brandon Mitchell <bhmit1@mail.wm.edu> writes:

BM> Is there a way to make procmail emulate a mailer error.  E.g. when I'm
BM> spammed, procmail (or actually some program that would be run from
BM> procmail) would reply with something along the lines of an unknown
BM> user.  This seems like a fairly complicated script and I'm not sure it
BM> would actually work (e.g. sendmail may change some of the headers
BM> indicating a success).  I'm thinking that maybe a few of these spammers
BM> remove bounces from their address pool.


Use EXITCODE.  Here's an excerpt from the procmailrc man page.  Check the
sendmail source for the appropriate EXITCODE value for "user unknown".

Mark Plaksin					http://www.negia.net/~happy/

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