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Re: procmail emulate mail error

> Is there a way to make procmail emulate a mailer error.  E.g. when I'm
> spammed, procmail (or actually some program that would be run from
> procmail) would reply with something along the lines of an unknown user.
> This seems like a fairly complicated script and I'm not sure it would
> actually work (e.g. sendmail may change some of the headers indicating a
> success).  I'm thinking that maybe a few of these spammers remove bounces
> from their address pool.

Not sure if this is what you want, but you can add addresses/hosts to
reject in /etc/mail/sendmail.rej [or wherever you specify].

Just add the following to sendmail.cf

# reject list of originating email addresses and domains

sendmail.rej just contains addresses/hosts that you wanna reject.




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