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Re: mke2fs

>>"David" == David Stern <kotsya@u.washington.edu> writes:

David> Someone should probably make a report.  At the time I wrote
David> this I hadn't noticed the companion copyright and
David> changelog.Debian files, or else I'd already have made such an
David> attempt.

David> Should one simply e-mail Guy Maor <maor@ece.utexas.edu>, or is
David> there a standard form that's used, or should this be posted to
David> the -devel list, or something else?  I'd be glad to make a
David> report, but if you'd prefer go ahead.  All I ask is to know the
David> "official" method.

	You need to send an email message to submit@bugs.debian.org.
 Since the program mke2fs existsts in the package e2fsprogs 
    __> dpkg -S mke2fs
    e2fsprogs: /usr/man/man8/mke2fs.8.gz
    e2fsprogs: /sbin/mke2fs
 the bug report should be submitted on e2fsprogs.

	The first two line of your mail message should be the name and
 version of the programs you are writing a bug report about, like so:
Package: e2fsprogs
Version: 1.10-5

	[problem description here]

-- System Information
Debian Release: 1.3
Kernel Version: Linux tiamat 2.0.30 #1 Wed Jun 25 02:15:20 CDT 1997 i486 unknown

Versions of the packages e2fsprogs depends on:
libc5   Version: 5.4.33-7

	There is a nice little package called bug that helps you
 submit bug reports (I used it to generate the template above).

	Please look at <URL:http://www.debian.org/Bugs/Reporting.html>
 for details.

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