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Re: GCC setup problem

Waller Martin MEJ wrote:

> Hi Galen,
>      Thanks for your response.  Below the information you required, and
> probably more...


> cpp:
> gcc:

Okay so far...

> >* output of "gcc --version"
> #gcc --version
> 2.7.2

Yikes!  This is wrong!  Since the version number is part of the path to the cc1
(etc.) executables, and the version number is hard-coded into gcc, it's looking
for all of the support files in the wrong place.  And the reason is...

> gnats:         3.101-2

Old versions of gnats did something very bad.  They diverted /usr/bin/gcc, and
replaced it with their own Ada-supporting version.  Which means that when the
gcc version changed, the gcc program kept the obsolete version number.  Oops.

Purge gnats from your system, or upgrade to a later version which supplies its
own "gnatgcc" binary.


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