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Re: GCC setup problem

Hi Galen,

     Thanks for your response.  Below the information you required, and 
probably more...

>> Hi,
>>      My GCC setup doesn't appear to be correct on my Debian 1.3.1 and 1.2
>> system.  Initially after installing it, whenever I tried to run it, the
>> message:
>> GCC installation problem:
>> cannot find cc1: no such file or directory
>> cc1 (and cc1plus, and libgcc.a...) were in
>> /usr/lib/gcc-lib/i486-linux/, so I created links in /usr/lib to
>> them.
>Unfortunately, as you discovered later, this is a bogus workaround.  It
>deprives dpkg of information it needs.
>You haven't given me enough information to figure out what's wrong.  I
>need to know the following:
>* installed version of cpp and gcc packages
from dselect:

bin86:         0.4-3
libc5-dev:     5.4.33-3
make:          3.75-4

>* output of "gcc --version"
#gcc --version


#gcc -v
gcc version 2.7.2

>* if you have gnats installed, which version

Again from dselect:

gnats:         3.101-2
gnats-tk: 3.101-2


Hope that's enough info,

     Thanks again,


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