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Re: man pages...

> Greetings all,
> two quick questions....i installed debian on my box and when i'm running a
> shell & trying to look up stuff on man pages, i can not.  Did i miss
> something in the installation process????  How can i remedy this????

Man pages are not part of the base installation (from 7 floppies).
You have to download and install doc/man-db package + several others to
satisfy dependencies (groff most notably).
> And how can i get a standard ppp-connection....i've downloaded all the
> ppp/slip packages and was wondering how to config them and use my
> modem....

You would have to edit several files to fill them with your actual
connection parameters: /etc/ppp.chatscript /etc/ppp.options_out and
/etc/ppp/pap-secrets (if you have to use PAP for authentication).

That's just a pointer for a debian-specific part, read general Linux
information on how to setup PPP from HOWTO's, manpages, etc.

Good luck.

Alex Y.

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