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Re: Advice printing on a network Laserjet 4L (fwd)

Hi Guys,

Here's what I use for printing to a network HP 4L.  The lp printer in
/etc/printcap processes jobs with the script remote-filter.  This filter
just uses the ljet4-filter from the magicfilter package and pipes the
output to lpr printing to printer lp-r.  Files printed to lp-r go
directly to jetd, the jetdirect adapter that attaches the 4L to the
network.  The jetdirect normally supports win95 directly, but not when
running lpd.  Therefore I use samba to make the lp-r printer available
to win95 users.  win95 knows the capabilities of the printer, so it
doesn't need to be filtered.

I hope this helps.  If you have any more questions let know.

Lee Bradshaw

/usr/sbin/ljet4l-filter | lpr -Plp-r

lp|lj|hplj4l|HP Laserjet 4L:\
lp-r|HP Laserjet 4L-r:\

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