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Re: How to multitask in X-windows?

On Wed, 1 Oct 1997, David B. Teague wrote:

> Will someone PLEASE explain why when I suspend Emacs in X with control
> z, and try to restart it with fg, emacs does not reappear. Key strokes

When you suspend it,  it should become an icon.  To start using it again,
double-click the icon.

> emacs. And tell me how to suspend and restart a program under X. 
Click the down arrow on the titlebar;  it becomes an icon and then to
start it again,  double click the icon.  Note the the program doesn't
_stop_ running,  but just waits around for you to un-iconize it.

> Am I supposed to open a window and start an application there, changing
> from window to window to do various things?
Pretty much,  unless the application has it's own X support.  For example,
to run a compile,  I start and Xterm (rxvt,  actually) and run it within
the window. To run pine, I start an Xterm and run pine in the window.
	To run netscape,  I can either open a window and type "netscape &"
or select "netscape" from my window menu.  This requires that you have set
up the menu right,  of course :)

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