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RE: Multiple PPP Configurations

See the attached for how I do it.  Creating /etc/ppp/chatscript.work
and /etc/ppp/chatscript.isp and /etc/resolv.work and /etc/resolv.isp
are left as an exercise for the reader. This could be simpler and
less extensible or even more belt and suspenders than it currently
is, but I think this strikes a nice balance.  YMMV

On 01-Oct-97 Walter L. Preuninger II wrote:
>Is there a way to have more than one pppd configuration? Getting another
>modem is not an option.
>What I would like is something along these lines:
>       pon work
>       poff
>       pon internet
>where work has the ppp options/chatscript for dialing up the office, and
>internet has the ppp options/chatscript for going online.
>I have poured over the PPP Howto, and could not find anything.
>Also, as a side note, mgetty can do autoPPP. mgetty also has a callback
>utility. I have not tried this, but would it be possible for me to call
>work, and have work call me back, bringing up a ppp connection? 
>Which is more preferable, PAP or CHAP? Does PAP/CHAP eliminate the need
>for callback(for security reasons)?
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