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Re: How to multitask in X-windows?

Hi ImmortaL:

I have your problem with Netscape. I hope we both get an answer.

I hope this helps part of your other window problem: It sounds a little
like you have a 'focus' problem. I can click the mouse and create X
windows that work if I move the mouse pointer into the window to get
"focus" in that window. Notice the color changes when the mouse pointer
is in a window or out of it. That's called having "focus" - (strange
parlance, but what do you expect from computer types :)

I can run stuff in the background and change windows if I have focus in
that window. (X can be setup so you have to click a window to change
focus, as in M$ LOSE 3.1 & 95)

With regard to switching from text consoles back to X you use
Control-Alt F1-6 to move to a virtual text console, and from one of them
back to X you use Control-F7 (at least I do). 

MY PROBLEM is somewhat like ImmortaL's:

Will someone PLEASE explain why when I suspend Emacs in X with control
z, and try to restart it with fg, emacs does not reappear. Key strokes
are echoed but no keystrokes are accepted by emacs. I wind up killing
emacs. And tell me how to suspend and restart a program under X. 

Am I supposed to open a window and start an application there, changing
from window to window to do various things?

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On Wed, 1 Oct 1997, ImmortaL wrote:

> Actually your both right because my question can go both ways it doesnt
> matter they both are helpful BUT,i tried both ways and they dont work for
> example if i enter X and start netscape and then go back to Xterm i cant
> enter any commands its locked until i kill netscape,i tried it only with
> Xterm i opened two Xterms but the first one didnt work after i opened the
> second one.Then tried the Virtual way Ctrl-alt-Fx and when i did that and a
> new logon screen came on and then when i went back to X there was no X
> there was a shell screen and it showed all the usual commands when X starts
> and it was locked.and i cant do anything so i have to kill it.Do you have
> to be running XDM for it to work?Or do you have any idea why this wont
> work?
> Thanks
> wicked@ziplink.net
> Jason Costomiris <jcostom@sjis.com> wrote in article
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