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Re: midi software

On Wed, 1 Oct 1997, Timothy Phan wrote:

> Hi,
>   I'm in the middle of learning to play keyboard/piano.  I'd like to 
>   know if there is any MIDI software on Linux that can help me.
>   I've AWE32 soundblaster card.  I'd like to know what driver do I
>   need.  Currently,  my Debian/Linux box can not play any sound and
>   I guessed that I do not have the driver for the soundcard.  So, I
>   would like to know how do I go about install the driver.
>   Thanks!

First you need to get sound working, then you can see about midi progs. 

To get sound working,..  

 If you have the non-Plug-n-Play, you should be able to just compile
 sound into your kernel.  (might need the awedrv kernel patch, below)

 If you have the Plug n Play version of the awe32, you can either..

   get the commercial OSS Commercial driver for $20 (a five day free
   trial) at some web address I forget, something like
   www.4front-tech.com, (and then you're all done, no patches) or..

   configure your Plug n Play devices by either.. 

      switching to loadlin bootloader (if your bios does Plun n Play
      initialization), or..

      get a plug n play initializer like isapnptools (should be in
      dselect), configure it (time-consuming), then..

         recompile your kernel after adding the awedrv patch (also in
         dselect, you need to run an install script in /usr/src/awedrv
         to apply the patch). 

I don't have a keyboard recently, so I haven't got any tips on programs
that would interest you.  Try a search for 'rose' and 'octave' in
dselect, though. 

David Stern

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