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Re: problems posting news

Tim Bell writes:
> When I post news from my machine, I get mail back with inews: No valid
> newsgroups in misc.test
> ...
> and I'm trying to send news to an nntp server.

Are you trying to post directly to a remote nntp server, or are you trying
to post to your local server and have it feed the articles to a remote
server?  Is the mail coming from your system, or from the remote one?

> Do I have to have an up-to-date /var/lib/news/active file?

If you are posting to your local server, all the groups you post to must
exist on your system (/usr/lib/news/ctl/newgroup to create them) and be in
your active file.  The active file need not contain any groups you don't

I operate a cnews leafnode which feeds off my isp.  Email me if you have
more questions.
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