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problems posting news


I can't find anthing in the docs about this, and I'm sure it's something
simple I've just overlooked...

When I post news from my machine, I get mail back with
	inews: No valid newsgroups in misc.test

The setup is my local machine, with:
ii  nntp       A NNTP server for use with C News.
ii  inews           2.1-2          A replacement for the C News inews program.
ii  cnews           cr.g7-4        Simple News Server for Usenet news.

and I'm trying to send news to an nntp server.

Do I have to have an up-to-date /var/lib/news/active file? I guess I'd
rather that the server looked after all that, since I have no local
newsgroups (as yet...).

Any ideas what I've missed?

Thanks in advance.
Tim Bell                                      .--_|\ 
bhat@cs.mu.oz.au                             /      \
Department of Computer Science               \_.--._/
University of Melbourne, Australia                 v

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