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Re: SVGALIB and S3 Virge.

Andrew Keen <akeen@remcen.ehhs.cmich.edu> writes:

> My question, my only problem, the fly in the ointment of Linux, the
> "black fly in my Chardonnay" is that when I want to run a svgalib
> program (X works) at the console it doesn't recognize it and then
> -screws- it up.. basically, it runs, but it doesn't recognize my Virge
> chip.

The svgalib (1.2.11) in unstable pretends a Virge is Trio.  It's not
as good as it could be, but it works for me (Diamond Stealth 3D 2000).

You could have some trouble installing it on Debian 1.3.1.  My advice
would be to get the source and try to compile it yourself.

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