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Re: Many questions (mostly Network)

Mike Patterson wrote:
 >   So my questions are:
 >     * Can I have two ne-2000 compatible cards in the same system?

You can stop other drivers from probing i/o ports and tell them which
port to use as well, so it doesn't have to be 2 ne2k's -- other cards
will do, too.  Some ne2k's have to be initially set up using DOS 
software, btw.

 >     * assuming the gateway can pump data extremely fast, will I be 
 >       losing a ton of permformance by going from 10baseT to thin BNC? 

Why?  Thinwire is 10base2, still 10Mbps.

 >       In other words, should I switch my whole system to 10BaseT instead?
 >       (Downloads are VIA satellite... That can be fast.) 

10baseT will be easier to upgrade to 100/1000baseT later on.  I don't
think it matters in your case, but I may be wrong.

 > 3) Ok, now let's say one of the "A Machine"s is a Linux box that uses PPP to  >    hook into a secure site (behind a firewall). Let's say (oh, for example)
 >    that everything behind the firewall is 15.19.*.*, and the machine is 
 >    assigned an address for PPP that is in th 15.19 domain. What this machine
 >    would want to do is communicate with the PPP line for everything behind th
 >    firewall, and communicate with the fileserver/gateway for everything else
  > --
 >    I assume requiring it to look like a diffrent IP number for each (remembe
  > r,
 >    the Server/Gateway will be using masquerading). So the question is, how 
 >    can I do this and ensure that people on other machines in the network can
  > 't
 >    get to the 15.19 domain? Assume that I'm the only one that can log onto t
  > he
 >    Linux System I just described... (whew!)
Well... sounds like a box with 2 network i/faces -- the fact that one of them
is a ppp link, not a 2nd network card doesn't make much difference.  

 > ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  > ---
 > 4) I can't for the life of me figure out what the startup files are defined 
  > as
 >    or where they are defined (say, .login and .startup.x11 from my old dec 
 >    days)

Dot files (per-user config) are in ~ or its subdirectories, system-wide files 
are in /etc and its subdirs.  Is that what you're looking for?

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