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Re: comment about Linux

dada <dada@psynet.net> writes:

> Hi....
> Is true that I never lose control on my linux box, but some times I lose
> control in my X-Windows and I must restart the X. Is that usual?
> I supose that's due to use some aplications. But if this is true, why I
> lose control on all aplications that I'm using?

Some application (especially Motif-ones) sometimes grab all mouse and
keyboard event (e.g. when you select a submenu).  If the application
(or the widget library) forgets to correctly release the grab you will
be unable to do anything with X-Window System, including switching to
other terminals using ctrl-alt-f<x> and zapping X11 using ctrl-alt-bs.

The only solution is a terminal attached to your computer, some people
use their calculators (the better TI and HP ones) for this purpose.
You can also use another computer in a local network to remote login
into your machine.


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