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Re: Debian + PC with multi RS... port -> n x (text dumb t

On Fri, 12 Sep 1997, RHS Linux User wrote:

> I don't know how big a problem having the keyboard locked
> during printing would actually be.  My part-time job is in a 
> hardware store that uses a POS system similar to the one
> you are describing.  All of our registers are 386's networked to
> a backroom server.  Each register has its own dot matrix printer, 
> but while it is actualy printing the keyboard is locked.
> This has never been any problem.  While the keyboard is locked we are
> waiting for the invoice to print and/or the cash draw is open and we
> are making change.  I should note that the invoice only prints 
> after the sale is finalized.

Yes I agree, I think that serialized input+print that would require use of
the keyboard while the previous print is still being done is rather unlike
to be the job of a POS terminal... such heavy data entry could require
less frequent print operation, or could probably be designed for not
printing after each keyboard entry, or, last, could send the prints to a
printer connected directly to one of the LPTs on the Linux box. 

> Actually the very first version of this POS system used WYSE 
> terminal and there pass through printing feature.

Why did you move to networked 386's? What's running on them? 

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