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Re: Long FAT filenames and Linux ?

On Mon, 8 Sep 1997, Michael Legart wrote:

: Hi !
: > You probably also have msdos fs support which is operating by default.
: > Have you tried specifying the vfat type in your mount command?
: Yea, I did have msdos fs support, but I disabled that - compiled and 
: installed the kernel again. But it still doesn't work ! I have 
: selected vfat fs support in the configuration. I have a 2.0.30 
: kernel. If I write mount -t vfat ... I just get the error-message, 
: that the kernel doesn't support vfat! Is there a way to see which 
: options the kernel is compiled with ?

Um, you disabled MSDOS support in the kernel??  That'll make vfat
support a bit difficult.

To support vfat you need the following:  FAT, MSDOS, and VFAT.  They can
be loaded as modules or compiled into the kernel proper.  I personally
haven't had much luck with the MSDOS support as a module, but it looks
like it can be done.

If you have installed kernel source, which you have if you roll your
own, tale a look at /usr/src/linux/.config to see what's currently
enabled (or disabled, as the case may be).

To see which filesystems the kernel supports, do a 
'cat /proc/filesystems' .  If you're doing modules, 'lsmod' will
probably be helpful also.

I haven't had to do vfat support for a while, so it's always possible
that I have no idea what I'm talking about :)  Good Luck!

: Regards,
: de bedste hilsner !
: michael legart
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