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Re: Long FAT filenames and Linux ?

On Mon, 8 Sep 1997, Nathan E Norman wrote:

> On Mon, 8 Sep 1997, Michael Legart wrote:
> : Hi !
> : 
> : > You probably also have msdos fs support which is operating by default.
> : > Have you tried specifying the vfat type in your mount command?
> : 
> : Yea, I did have msdos fs support, but I disabled that - compiled and 

> Um, you disabled MSDOS support in the kernel??  That'll make vfat
> support a bit difficult.
> To support vfat you need the following:  FAT, MSDOS, and VFAT.  They can

Yes,  this is true.  If you have them compiled as modules,  you may need
to do "insmod vfat" to get the kernel module loaded before you can mount
any VFAT partitions.  Generally speaking,  I don't ever want to *unload* a
vfat module (how often do you unmount your vfat partition?),  so I
compiled it into the kernel rather than as a module.
	Otherwise you can put them in /etc/conf.modules to get kerneld to
auto-load them.


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