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Re: Why Debian?

>>>>> On Mon, 4 Aug 1997, Gonzalo A Diethelm said:

  Gonzalo> [...]I very much like the idea of contributing to the free
  Gonzalo> software idea, but I'd also like to get a functional,
  Gonzalo> feature-loaded and maintainable system;[...]

The package maintenance software has an unusual interface (ie one that
doesn't comply with the interface of any other software you've seen),
but that does not mean that it is difficult to use.  All you need to
do is to read what is on the screen, it tells you all about the keys
that you can press.

Other than that, Debian might be the best Linux system out there with
respect to upgradability.  RedHat might be as good, I don't know.

Debian claims to have the greatest number of packages.  Everything I
wanted to have was already available as a Debian package (except for
commercial software, which often come in RedHat format only, but
Debian can install RedHat packages, too).

Debian has the largest developer team, >200 people.

I like both kinds of music.

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