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Re: WantWEB/Linux/IP Masquerading

On Fri, 05 Sep 1997 16:25:03 -0800, Adam Shand wrote:

>>I'd stay away from sat until LEO stuff starts to come out.....the latency is 
>>500ms+ jumping out 33,000 miles.
>Yep... but from what I understand this is minimised by the two way
>connection.  Commands (eg. FTP/HTTP 'get' commands) are sent over the 
>link so latency is less of an issue.  
>While I'm not sure about DirecPC in some of the systems they are also set
>up so that traffic where latency *is* important (eg. telnet and irc mostly)
>goes over the modem link.  Traffic where latency isn't important (eg. web,
>ftp, news etc) come back over the satellite link.  After all who cares if
>your download takes an extra half second to start.

I hope you never expect to play online games like quake...

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