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Debian over MS-DOS (UMSDOS distribution)

Does anyone have experience of running Debian as a UMSDOS system - I have
used a Slakware based system built on UMSDOS as a gentle introduction to
Linux for people who dont like the idea of partitioning their hard disks,
just to try Linux.

They pull a big tar file off the network, and a copy of gnu tar for DOS,
untar it and use Bootlin to reboot into Linux, where they automatically pick
up their IP address etc through BOOTP and they can then install anything
outside the base system via an NFS mounted Slakware distribution.

The whole process takes about 10 minutes and they can get rid of Linux from
Windows file manager very quickly if they want. (Very few people do get rid
of it, but it is much easier to persuade someone to try it if they know they
can get back to where they started very easily.)

	John Lines

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