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Re: Date in mail headers

On 03-Sep-97 Olaf Weber wrote:
>RFC822 would be the appropriate one here, and it does impose some
>restrictions regarding what can and cannot be a date header:
>     5.1.  SYNTAX
>     date-time   =  [ day "," ] date time        ; dd mm yy
>                                                 ;  hh:mm:ss zzz
>     day         =  "Mon"  / "Tue" /  "Wed"  / "Thu"
>                 /  "Fri"  / "Sat" /  "Sun"
>So it certainly looks like Orn needs to fix his mailer.

  The RFC???? are just guidelines... and not rules.  And the above
guideline applies to system times.  Not to the contents of subject
or date headers.  These are display fields, that are filled in by
the client programs.

  And besides, the english language is good... but it is spoken by
a minority in the World.  And what are you going to do with the
poor suckers who can't read email?  Tell them they must learn
english or not know when the email they are receiving was sent?
that's silly :-)

...just me

Quote of the Day: "Everybody who can't read english... will be shot!"

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