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Re: Date in mail headers

Carey Evans <c.evans@clear.net.nz> writes:

>> So it certainly looks like Orn needs to fix his mailer.
> RFC2047 is also applicable - it's responsible to the mangled addresses
> you see sometimes if you MUA isn't aware of the proposed standard.
> However, I don't think it should be applied to Date: headers.

I agree.

> Also, I note that RFC822 defines the day part of a date as only the
> English names, not something like "Mi=F0" (however that turns out when
> TM and various MTA's get done with it).  And the only valid
> non-numeric time zones are: UT GMT EST EDT CST CDT MST MDT PST PDT, or
> a single letter except J (not "BST").

RFC1123 says you should use numeric timezones only (but must
understand some of the text ones).  See section 5.2.14.

> RFC822 also seems to have a year-2000 bug.

RFC1123 says you should use 4 digit dates.  Same section as above.  It
also modifies the syntax of RFC822 to allow this to work l-)


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