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Re: Date in mail headers

On 03-Sep-97 Clare Johnstone wrote:
>If not sorted at all, listed as they arrive, the threads are in good
>order. For example the date on 
>Orn's mail as received just now is:
>Date: =?iso-8859-1?Q?Mi=F0,?= 03 Sep 1997 23:00:14 +0200 (CET DST)

Which is:

  Date: Mið, 03 Sep 1997 23:00:14 +0200 (CET DST)

>My "Received" time is:    Thu, 4 Sep 1997 06:00:09 (Western Australia)
>My clock is undoubtedly permanently and irretrievably "mis-set" :)
>I think no-one really wants all dates in GMT.
>cheers, clare

  Every server that handles an email message, stamps the email.  An
email will thus have a long list of 'Received' lines.  The first in
the list will be the original server, which will be the server to
whom you sent the mail, when you hit the return key to 'send' the
email.  And have the same date stamp :-)

  However, in the case of mailing lists, as this one.  This does
become a little more complicated.  As an email is sent to the list,
and the list server stores the email, and when it sends it back to
you, the first stamp will thus be the date the list server sends you
the mail... and not the date when the author wrote it.

  But the problem lies in, that the 'Date' field is like the 'Subject'
field a display field, that will in many cases be in locale format.
As it is created by the email client, and not a system stamp.  But
since you're english :-) this particular date is in your locale
format, and your program can easily decipher it.  But in say, Sweden,
where a person will be sending 80% of his/her email to people
reading swedish, it makes sense that the Date they read on the
screan is in swedish, or their own locale :-)  But when your program
will start decyphering the date into machine readable format, using
'your' locale date-specifics... it'll just get lost ;-)

...just me

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