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SCSI Host Adapter

I'm hoping that someone with some SCSI experience can give me some
advice here.  I'm contemplating buying a SyJet 1.5 GB drive and need to
get a SCSI host adapter as this will be the first SCSI peripheral I have
installed on this machine (Dell 200 MHz PPro).  Basically, I'm having
some trouble choosing a SCSI host adapter.  This machine is my home PC
and I dual boot this machine with Win95 and Linux.  I'm in Linux probably
80% of the time and wish to use the SyJet with both Win95 and Linux.

I've read the SCSI HOW-TO and it seems to highly recommend the Buslogic
series of boards.  All of my Windows friends tell me that the Adaptec
boards are the only way to go.  In looking at my normal stores, both local
and mailorder, the Adaptec boards are sold by everybody, the Buslogic by
almost no one.  I searched for some suppliers of the Buslogic boards and
most don't seem to keep much stock and would have to order board from the
manufacturer.  The two boards I'm considering are the Buslogic BT-948 and
Adaptec AHA-2940, which seem to be similar in performance and price.

My questions are:  Is the Buslogic board really better than the Adaptec?
Is the Buslogic better supported in Linux than the Adaptec?  Is the
difference worth it?

I'm famous for buying the "best" technical solution.  I bought a Heath
(Zenith) H-100 instead of the original IBM PC, and I've got two older
Macintosh's at home (though the jury's still out on Apple).  I finally
bought a PC because of Linux, the Mac Unix options weren't coming along
fast enough for me.


Steve Witt                                    mailto:witt@pairgain.com
PairGain Technologies, Inc.                          (714) 730-3245

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