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Re: SCSI Host Adapter

Steve Witt <witt@pairgain.com> writes:

> I'm hoping that someone with some SCSI experience can give me some
> advice here.

My general impression is that the three best manufacturers to consider
are Buslogic, Adaptec, and for really serious SCSI, DPT.  I've always
used Adaptec, but that's just because that's what came with the
machines I've used.  I've heard that the Buslogic cards are as good or
better, and they probably deserve Linux patronage more than Adaptec as
they've supposedly been much more open to requests for information
from Linux driver developers.  I've also heard that the Adaptec's are
much more sensitive to cable lengths and qualities.  I have had some
cabling issues, but I couldn't say if it was the adapter's fault.

Buslogic's not carried by too many stores, but it shouldn't be hard to
find online.  Check www.cdw.com, www.megahaus.com, dirt cheap drives,
or the drive outlet center (just off the top of my head).  I'm not
particularly advocating any of these, but they're places to start.

> I finally bought a PC because of Linux, the Mac Unix options weren't
> coming along fast enough for me.

Same here.


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