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Re: SCSI Host Adapter

On Wed, Sep 03, 1997 at 09:27:41AM -0700, Steve Witt wrote:
> I've read the SCSI HOW-TO and it seems to highly recommend the Buslogic
> series of boards.  All of my Windows friends tell me that the Adaptec
> boards are the only way to go.  In looking at my normal stores, both local

This is FUD.  I had the same resistance at first.  Adaptec has brand-name

> and mailorder, the Adaptec boards are sold by everybody, the Buslogic by
> almost no one.  I searched for some suppliers of the Buslogic boards and
> most don't seem to keep much stock and would have to order board from the
> manufacturer.  The two boards I'm considering are the Buslogic BT-948 and
> Adaptec AHA-2940, which seem to be similar in performance and price.
> My questions are:  Is the Buslogic board really better than the Adaptec?
> Is the Buslogic better supported in Linux than the Adaptec?  Is the
> difference worth it?

I have a BusLogic BT-946C (the predecessor to the 948), and an Adaptec
AHA-3940W.  I've also used practically every other model of Adaptec and
BusLogic controller at one time or another.

I will never buy another Adaptec controller again.

Here's why:
  - Adaptec does not support free software.  BusLogic embraces Linux.
    The quality of the Adaptec and BusLogic drivers on Linux reflects
    this:  The Adaptec driver is marginally acceptable, and the BusLogic
    driver is great.

  - The BusLogic boards have been more compatible with marginal cabling
    and termination.  The Adaptec boards are generally more sensitive to

  - The BusLogic boards are all compatible with the Adaptec AHA-1542
    standard.  Even the new Adaptec boards do not support that old mode.
    This can be very useful in those rare circumstances when you don't
    have a native-mode driver available.  The 1542 driver is ubiquitous.

  - BusLogic has great customer support, exchange/upgrade policies, and
    IMHO better products.  I have never had any trouble getting questions
    answered -- even very technical ones.  As always, YMMV.

  - Just as easy to use, if not easier.  And some have flashable firmware
    (ie the 948) and other features Adaptec doesn't have.

  - The BusLogic board works w/ everything.

Adaptec is in a position where they virtually control the PC SCSI market.
This is unfortunate, and it is why BusLogic cards can be hard to find.  But
they can be ordered from Insight, CDW, MicroWarehouse, etc., and numerous
other places.  You might need to ask for MYLEX instead of BusLogic, because
MYLEX bought the company.  The model numbers are the same, as far as I know.

Even the "low-end" BusLogic cards are pretty good.  They just lack an onboard
CPU to process SCSI requests.  But thanks to BusLogic, the SCSI manager code
was GPL'd and is integrated into the Linux driver.

Now you know what to do,  <g>


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