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RE: Printer Advice: HP 870C or Epson Stylus 800

On 03-Sep-97 Civ Kevin F. Havener wrote:
>I'm contemplating buying one of the two subject printers.  Has anyone out 
>there used either of these two printers under Linux?
>       Easy to use under Linux is the key criteria.
>       Color printing is "nice to have" but most of my important printing  
>               needs are black and white.
>       Will use ghostscript.
>       Epson has optional postscript.  Anyone know what this is?  
>               Appears to be software (like ghostscript) that emulates 
>               postscript.  Is it OS dependent as I suspect (resides 
>               on my computer) or is it actually installed into the printer?
>Any clues you can give me are appreciated.

  I've used an HP DeskJet 870Cxi, and HP LaserJet 5L at Work with Debian.  The
way I did it, was to create a small wrapper script around 'lpr', and then use
ghostscript to interpret postscript for the printer.  Apart from the fact
that it required quite a large disk space for printing (about 100Mbyte for
large files), it worked quite well.  Netscape printout came in glorius
colors :-) and I printed manuals up to 700 pages on the LaserJet.

...just me.

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