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Hard drive problem

We recently had a bad storm.  After numerous bad power spikes and
outages, my hard drive light never goes out.  It does not blink,
flicker, etc. and there is no sound of hd access.  My machine was on --
the storm kinda suprised us.  It is an IDE maxtor 1.3 gb drive that has
been working fine.  There does not appear to be a problem with drive
access, fsck reports fine on boot.  The light worries me because it
never did that.  It is running on the on-board controller.  Debian 1.3.1
and a 2.0.29 kernel.

P.S. I can boot into my other drive (with windows) fine and the light
behaves once windows finishes booting --> the light is continuous until
then.  The power comes on, so does the light.

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