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Re: Building Debian Packages

On 02-Sep-97 Dave Cinege wrote:
>Then why is it not listed on www.debian.org?
>"There are a couple of public mailing lists for all Debian users, together
>several lists intended for developers only. The public lists are:"
>debian-devel is not listed. I think this leads one to believe it's private. (I
>so, and never bothered to try to get on)

1) you can read debian-devel on usenet ... linux.debian.devel

2) When I become a debian developer, I will post to debian-devel.  With the
current change to libc6 and recompilation of the world and bug resolution in
preparation for release of the next version, I imagine that there is no need
right now for me to bother them with such a minor request that could, and was,
answered here.  Thanks to all those that pointed me to the HOWTO.first_time
document in /usr/doc/debmake ... that was what I needed.

3) Let's have ONE (maybe two) elected (or appointed) topic cops.  The bickering
with the self-appointed ones wastes more bandwidth than the off-topic posts do.

There, I feel better now :)

Thanks all, for your help!

George Bonser 
Debian/GNU Linux  See http://www.debian.org
Linux ... It isn't just for breakfast anymore!

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