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Re: question: /usr/doc and minimal system

> Is there a way to cleanly not install a packages' /usr/doc files?  I
> could just 'rm -rf /usr/doc/*', but when I update or remove a package,
> I'm sure I would get a postinst error and may not be successful.
Here's my way:
1. change to /var/lib/dpkg/info
2. edit EVERY .list file and kill lines containing '/usr/doc' (use AWK to 
   do, of course :-)
3. rm -rf /usr/doc/*

This is some kind of brute force, but I think it will work...:)

Jack Chung
Not using M$-software is a struggle for most people.
But it is definitly a GOOD achievement for all of us!!
                                    -- Quoted from "My Journey to Linux"

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