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Re: question: /usr/doc and minimal system

On Tue, 2 Sep 1997, James D. Freels wrote:

> I have a couple of GNU/Debian machines I use strictly as print
> servers.  It would be best with these machines to preserve as
> much disk space in order to maximize spool area.  They are already
> configured with minimal packages and work fine.  I am now
> investigating ways to minimize disk space even more.  What I realized
> just now is that I don't need about 10Mb of /usr/doc files (I can
> always examine /usr/doc on another machine).
> Is there a way to cleanly not install a packages' /usr/doc files?  I
> could just 'rm -rf /usr/doc/*', but when I update or remove a package,
> I'm sure I would get a postinst error and may not be successful.

I'm sure you would get errors because dpkg would detect that the package
couldn't be cleanly removed (see the *.list files in /var/lib/dpkg/info).
Deity has this in it's proposal (should be in debian 2.0 sometime this
See: 1.8 Local Policies File

If this is urgent, you could try to make all the files lenght 0.  This
should involved a find /usr/doc -print and an echo </dev/null >filename.
Note, I have not tested this, so I would suggest making a backup first.


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