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Re: Private XF-Mail package available

On 02-Sep-97 Craig Sanders wrote:
>anyway, that's all beside the point. what i'm really writing to say is:
>if you'd like to maintain the package for debian, i'll send you what
>i've done so far.

Sure, I would like to have a look at it.  The version that I currently have
packaged is 1.1 which looks a lot smoother than the older version that I had
and the newer versions are supposed to be even better from what I hear.  What I
like is to be able to auto-expire messages in mailing list folders ... kind of
like newsgroup articles do.  This makes subscriptions to multiple mailing lists
easier to manage.

>from memory, my package doesn't need much work (maybe a little tidying up)
>to be suitable for inclusion in non-free.  

I will send you an address where you can put it by anon ftp.  Which version is

>(its copyright says "This software can be freely distributed and modified
>for non-commercial purposes as long as the above copyright message and
>this permission notice appear in all copies of distributed source code or
>included as separate file in binary distribution.  Commercial use of this
>software requires the permission of the authors.")

I mentioned making a debian package to the author and he was all for it.  I
suppose the restriction on commercial use and the copyright inclusion
requirement would put it in non-free.


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