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Re: Linux in Wired

> I think that MS will have to do this within a few years anyway. no
> commercial OS will be able to compete with the free operating systems
> like linux or freebsd.  Linux isn't playing catch-up anymore, and hasn't
> done for at least a year...it's now already better/faster/more reliable
> than the commercial OSes, and development proceeds at a phenomenal rate.

Speaking as some-one whose always worked in the Commercial (ie Corporate) 
sphere (and not trying to flame), you miss the subtle but key problem with
free software in a corporate environment....

...There's no-one to scream-at/sue/blame if something doesn't work.

Arse covering will keep free software off big corporate systems until the market forces them to it 'cause they can't compete any other way.

That's not to say it won't happen, but there's a long twisted road ahead before it can.

"Normality is a statistical illusion." -- me

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