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Re: Private XF-Mail package available

On Sun, 31 Aug 1997, George Bonser wrote:

> Ok, folks, I have taken a stab at making a debian package and I will
> admit that I cheated a bit :)
> I have been using the XF-Mail GUI email package and really like it.  I
> like it so much that I wanted to share it so I grabbed the .rpm and
> built a .deb from it.  You are actually going to need to packages and
> I have placed them both on an FTP site for you to grab.  Here are the
> instructions:
> ftp://corsica.shorelink.com/pub/debian
> and grab the xforms_0.86-2_i386.deb and xfmail_1.1-6_i386.deb
> packages.

i made a package of xfmail a few months ago from the source. i didn't
like it enough to bother uploading it. 

i think xfmail is OK...shows a lot of promise, and will probably be
really good in another version or two. it would be a lot better if it
used gtk or some other really free gui toolkit, though (i admit that
i'm biased - i don't really like graphical interfaces...as far as i am
concerned, email is text so all it needs is a text interface and vi as
my editor). it's also non-free, and i don't have enough spare time to
waste any on maintaining non-free packages.

anyway, that's all beside the point. what i'm really writing to say is:
if you'd like to maintain the package for debian, i'll send you what
i've done so far.

from memory, my package doesn't need much work (maybe a little tidying up)
to be suitable for inclusion in non-free.  

(its copyright says "This software can be freely distributed and modified
for non-commercial purposes as long as the above copyright message and
this permission notice appear in all copies of distributed source code or
included as separate file in binary distribution.  Commercial use of this
software requires the permission of the authors.") 


craig sanders
networking consultant                  Available for casual or contract
temporary autonomous zone              system administration tasks.

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