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Re: Linux in Wired

On Fri, 29 Aug 1997, Stephen Zander wrote:

> > I think that MS will have to do this within a few years anyway. no
> > commercial OS will be able to compete with the free operating systems
> > like linux or freebsd.  Linux isn't playing catch-up anymore, and hasn't
> > done for at least a year...it's now already better/faster/more reliable
> > than the commercial OSes, and development proceeds at a phenomenal rate.
> Speaking as some-one whose always worked in the Commercial (ie Corporate) 
> sphere (and not trying to flame), you miss the subtle but key problem with
> free software in a corporate environment....
> ...There's no-one to scream-at/sue/blame if something doesn't work.

There are companies that sell Linux with support. They charge more for it
than the average cd-seller, but they say "hey, if it doesn't work, we'll
fix it" and they are the ones you can scream-at/sue/blame if it doesn't

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