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Re: Private XF-Mail package available

On Aug 31, Britton wrote
> While on the subject of odd things that I don't begin to understand: since
> I fixed my chatscript so my modem hung up when DTR went low (by
> initializing the modem with ATZ and AT&D2), my computer occasionally
> decides to connect itself to the internet without my doing anything at
> all.  I run pon, later run poff, and a few minutes or hours later I hear
> my computer dialing.  It has done this twice now. I have looked for
> residual ppp or chat processes with ps -ax but I don't see any.  On both
> occasions rc5v2 was running, set to communicate freely on all ports.  I
> don't have diald installed.

Could it be the /sbin/request-route script, part  of modutils?  Apparently,
this is a script called by kernel whenever it cannot find a route.  You migt 
want to change this script to make sure it doesn't randomly connect you to 
your isp. 

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