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Re: Building Debian Packages

On 02-Sep-97 Manoj Srivastava wrote:
>>>"George" == George Bonser <grep@calvin.oriole.sbay.org> writes:
>George> I am getting a bit frustrated here in locating the
>George> documentation that I need to learn to build debian packages.
>       Umm, would debian-devel be a better place for this topic?
> Anyways, when I was starting out with Debian, I had the good fortune
> to take over a well maintained package (make), this was pre debmake
> days. Having a package that was working as expected was a wonderful
> tutorial; to some extent, ever since, I have used previous packages
> to jump start a new one.

I do not think so.  If I was having trouble building a package, yes, but in
this case I was having trouble getting started.  Besides, this information will
hopefully be important to many debian users who might want to build a package

The documents go into very nice detail about what a control file is, etc, but
it never explains how these files get created in the first place, how the
package discovers where in the filesystem it is supposed to install the pieces,
etc. I downloaded the hello package and am sitting here staring at it wondering
what the first command is that I should issue in order to make it into a debian
package.  Once I get that initial push and start rolling, yeah,
debian-developer is where I will take the questions.
George Bonser 
Debian/GNU Linux  See http://www.debian.org
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