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Re: Building Debian Packages

On Tue, 2 Sep 1997, George Bonser wrote:

> The documents go into very nice detail about what a control file is, etc, but
> it never explains how these files get created in the first place, how the
> package discovers where in the filesystem it is supposed to install the pieces,
> etc. I downloaded the hello package and am sitting here staring at it wondering
> what the first command is that I should issue in order to make it into a debian
> package.  Once I get that initial push and start rolling, yeah,
> debian-developer is where I will take the questions.
Well, I have just learned it. This is how it was done (If I could remember
-Grab and extract or write the source.
-mkdir debian
-cp .../hello*/debian/control .
-edit it to your taste, I guess its obvious
-create the changelog (I have also copyed it from hello, cut all but one
entry, and modified it). You can insert the date with the command 822-date in
the correct format. Anyone can explain me how to use the emacs mode for it?
-the rules file looks hard but it really isn't too complicated. I have also
copied it from hello. As I recall I have only modified the binary-indep part
of it. YMMV. The whole point is to drop everything with the right directory
structure into debian/tmp, as it would be the /
-I have also made a postinst and a prerm file. they are the following:
You might want to do something in those cases.
You also might have a conffiles file which enumerates your config files. The
ones in /etc are config files at least.

dpkg-buildpackage does everything for you. I am using it as
dpkg-buildpackage -rsudo
as I do everything as ordinary user, and use sudo to gain root privileges
(recommended anyway).

I hope this helped.
Disclaimer: I am a new, inexperienced developer wannabe as well.

GNU GPL: csak tiszta forrásból

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